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Trading Assets

Trading assets form the core of financial markets, offering diverse opportunities for investors and traders. Whether you are interested in stocks, currencies, commodities, or any other trading asset, understanding their characteristics and employing effective trading strategies is crucial.

Stocks Trading

Involves making short-term trades within a single trading day, capitalizing on intraday price fluctuations.

Forexs Trading

Aiming to capture price swings over a few days or weeks, capitalizing on short-to-medium-term trends.

Commodities Trading

The foreign exchange market (Forex) is the largest and most liquid market globally, where currencies are traded in pairs. Traders aim to profit from fluctuations in exchange rates.

Stocks Indices

Commodities include physical goods like oil, gold, and agricultural products. They are traded on commodity exchanges, and investors can use them to diversify portfolios and hedge against inflation.

Cryptos Trading

Digital assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum have gained popularity as speculative instruments and alternative stores of value.

Bonds Trading

These derivative instruments give traders the right, but not the obligation, to buy or sell an asset at a predetermined price in the future. They are often used for hedging and speculative purposes.


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Secure Transaction

Secure Electronic Transaction on communications protocol standard for securing credit card transactions over networks, specifically, the Internet.

Global Services

Global Services on internet-related services, including but not limited to the streaming media, web site hosting, maintenance, content delivery, and e-commerce services offered by Global to its customers in the ordinary course of its business.


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More Than 600+ Trading Instruments

600+ markets offered. Trade global FX, Indices, Oil, Gold, and Shares CFDs through the highly customisable MT4, MT5, TickTrader or TradingView trading platforms

Full Management Features

Key features of online trading software include live market prices, charting packages, news feeds, order placement, fundamental analysis, and technical analysis.

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High Leverage

Low Spread

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Funding above the $50,000 instantaneously qualifies you for the special package plan. The company outrightly offers you a slot for a special package plan if available.

Special packages are exclusive investment plans with high returns and would require expert management from company traders that will be available to guide the investor through all required processes of achieving a successful investment.

All investments can be terminated before the above stipulated investment duration as long as service charge is paid in full.

THE SPECIAL PACKAGE: These are packages away from the regular weekly package and are the highest earning packages in the company which allows investors to earn about 2-4% daily and 10-20% weekly for a 12 weeks compounding contract that runs for 12 weeks and subsequent withdrawal follows at the end of the contract.

Your account manager(consultant) will guide you through all the necessary steps for the process.

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